Download Scuttlebutt

Introducing Scuttlebutt – the 100% Cocoa based application built for OS X. Scuttlebutt helps you work together with your remote colleagues via Yammer. Say goodbye to getting lost in browser windows and hello to 1st class Cocoa-based client that integrates perfectly with the Mac.
With Scuttlebutt you’ll get:
Simple sharing – easily share into Yammer from Safari or vice-versa through Yosemite’s sharing extensions.
An app to go to – don’t get lost in browser tabs and windows, always have Yammer ready in your menu bar or dock icon
Multiple accounts – use Scuttlebutt to be logged in to more than one Yammer account simultaneously.
“Scuttlebutt enables me to work with several Yammer networks without requiring to have browser windows open all the time”
“Scuttlebutt’s compact size and clean UI enables me to keep Yammer visible at all times”

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