Scuttlebutt – Yammer Client with Multi-Account Support

Engage all of your Yammer networks from your Mac’s menu bar!

Scuttlebutt MacBook Air Screenshot

Scuttlebutt Pro gets you easy access to all your Yammer networks – perfect if you need to work with multiple companies on Yammer. Say goodbye to logging in and out each time you need to work with a different company and hello to instant interaction with all companies under your purview.

Scuttlebutt Pro provides:

  • Support for multiple Yammer accounts – always be logged in to all of your Yammer networks.
  • Menu bar access – All of your Yammer networks within two clicks away.
  • Services menu – easily post messages and send files from other applications to Yammer.

Scuttlebutt is great for:

  • Self-employed consultants serving multiple companies each with their own Yammer networks.
  • Location-independent businesspeople who runs a number of virtual companies.
  • Private equity and venture capitalist firms who need to keep all of the companies in their portfolio in-check.

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