Rooster – Wake on LAN

Access file servers instantly from your couch without needing them running 24×7

The popcorn is ready, drinks are all set, ready for the movie night – but the media server is still sleeping? Don’t get up, use Rooster to wake the sleeping server and start your show!

Rooster with top shelf display


Rooster wakes up media servers on your home network right from your Apple TV. Save money by keeping your servers on stand-by yet make them available on-demand. Say goodbye from needing to open a laptop to turn on servers and hello to hassle-free movie nights!

Rooster’s main features are:

  • Quick access to wake up offline devices from the Apple TV Home Screen.
  • Easy configuration by auto-detecting your devices’ ethernet addresses via Bonjour.
  • Shows an overview of all devices connected in your home network.

Feature Tour

Quick Setup

Rooster automatically detects devices in your network via Bonjour. Press “Register” to remember the device and make it available to wake up when offline. Unlike the competition, you don’t need to painstakingly enter ethernet addresses manually.

Rooster – Register Device

Waking Up a Device

Offline registered devices are shown with a “Wake Up” button. Pressing this will start the wake-up process.

Rooster - Wake Up Device button


The Wake-Up process will send Wake-on-LAN signals until the device responds. When the process completes, you can be sure that the server has fully booted up and ready to serve.

Rooster - Wake Up process

Top Shelf Extension

Place Rooster on the first row in the Apple TV home screen and it will show all devices detected in your network in the top shelf display. From the top shelf you can also select devices to wake up and start the wake-up process.




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Frequently Asked Questions


What is Wake on LAN?

Wake-on-LAN is the standard to wake-up computers and other network-connected devices. When this feature is enabled on the receiving device, its network adapter monitors for a magic packet that is specific to that adapter. Upon seeing this packet, the adapter brings the rest of the system out of standby mode.

What is Bonjour?

Also called zero-configuration networking, Bonjour helps devices find each other on a local area network (LAN). This is also what Rooster uses to locate other devices on your network – if the device announces at least one service then Rooster would be able to detect the device’s network name and MAC address.

How do I add devices to wake up?

With the device powered on and connected to the network, it should appear in the “Devices Detected in Your Network” list. Press the “Register” button to save the device information to make it available when it is offline. When that device is offline, press the “Wake Up” button to turn it on.

What if I can’t find my device?

Should the device could not be detected automatically, press the “+” button in the upper-right corner. A dialog would appear for you to to enter the device’s information. At a bare minimum, you will need to enter these information:

  • The host name or IP address – how to reach the device and check whether it is online.
  • The MAC address or ethernet address – needed to send the wake-up signal to bring the device online.

How do I wake up devices?

In the “Registered” device list there should be a button that reads either “Online” or “Wake Up”. The former is shown when the device is active whereas the latter when the device is inactive. Pressing the “Wake Up” button would start sending Wake-on-LAN signals until the device starts responding to network queries.

What is Top Shelf?

The Top Shelf is a special area for tvOS applications to display highlighted content. It is only activated for applications placed in the first row of the tvOS home screen.

When Rooster is placed in the top row, its Top Shelf content would display offline registered devices as well as online devices in your network. From the Top Shelf you can quickly wake-up devices in your network.

Do you have materials for the press to use?

Yes we do. Head on to Rooster’s Press Information page to get these content:

  • Feature sheet
  • Screenshots
  • High-resolution icons