Stack Menu

Grow your Stack Overflow ranking without getting sidetracked from your programming work.

Stack Menu stays in your macOS desktop menu bar to give you instant access to Stack Overflow. Say hello to speedy solutions and goodbye to search engine seductions.

Stack Menu desktop screenshot


  • Access Stack Overflow from the macOS menu bar.
  • Read Stack Overflow with the beautiful San Francisco font
  • Open at Login to so that Stack Overflow is always available.
  • Full support for the new MacBook Pro touch bar.


  • Gain reputation from greater engagement in Stack Overflow.
  • Get solutions without needing to switch out from your IDE.
  • Resist temptation from browsing irrelevant sites while searching for an answer.

Stack Menu is not associated with Stack Overflow nor Stack Exchange, Inc.

Frequently Asked Questions

How do I quit the application?

There are two ways to quit Stack Menu. One is by holding the Command () key and then dragging the icon off the menu bar. The other is to show the pull-down menu by holding the Option () key while clicking the icon and then selecting the Quit menu item.

How to get the menu bar item available whenever I start my mac?

You need to enable the Open at Login feature. Open the menu by holding the Option () key while clicking on the menu bar icon. Then select the Open at Login menu item. This will place a tick mark on the menu item indicating that the app will be started automatically the next time you log in.

System Requirements

  • macOS 10.13.6 “High Sierra”
  • Internet connection
  • Stack Overflow account

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