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iPhone & iPad (Universal) Applications

Go Edit

Go Edit icon

Quickly write formatted notes in markdown text or rich text HTML and convert between the two. Add a photo or two into your markdown documents. Unlike other markdown editors, Go Edit can handle photos with ease.

Download Go Edit from the iTunes App Store

Instant Motivator

Instant Motivator iconEasily create and share motivational pictures. Snap a photo or select a picture from your photo library and convert your plain phone photography into a motivational poster within seconds. Instant Motivator will also create demotivational placards with ease, perfect for speedy satirical statements.

Download Instant Motivator from the iTunes App Store

Speech Timer HD

Speech Timer iconKeep time of your Toastmasters® public speeches. With Speech Timer you can use your device as both a timer (stopwatch) and a red/green/yellow flag and relieves you from the hassle of keeping record of the speech times.

Download Speech Timer HD from the iTunes App Store

iPhone Games and Applications

Air Kill

AirKill iconSoar among the clouds and make roast with your engines. You’re flying an airliner and flocks of birds are holding you back. Your goal is to get the birds into your engines while avoiding bird droppings from getting in.

Download AirKill from the iTunes App Store


Cubism iconSometimes glitches can be a work of art. Creates iPhone Cubism effect which sometimes appear on 1st generation iPhones (non-3G ones). The iPhone Cubism was popularized by Veronica Belmont who created a Flickr group to collect these beautiful glitches.

Download Cubism from the iTunes App Store

iPad Applications


Tweetascope iconGet to the best tweets in your home timeline and connect with like-minded individuals via Twitter without wasting time reading useless check-in tweets and other noise.

Download TweetaScope from the iTunes App Store