Instant Motivator

Instantly inspire your friends and colleagues with motivational pictures, right from your iPhone or iPod touch. Snap a photo or select a picture from your photo library and convert your plain phone photography into a motivational poster within seconds.

Instant Motivator will also create demotivational placards with ease, perfect for speedy satirical statements. Now you can have your own despair posters created with your iPhone or iPod touch


  • Choose from three different motivational motifs.
  • Selectable fonts and colors.
  • Zoom, pinch, and horizontal full-screen mode.
  • Upside-down editing mode for fast sharing with friends.
  • Export to your photo roll for later sharing, e-mailing, or printing*.


  1. Take a snapshot or select a photo from your photo library.
  2. Change the heading and tagline, adjust the font and colors if needed. The background color may also be modified.
  3. Select a style that suits the theme.
  4. Export to your Saved Pictures collection.

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