Bigger Picture

Large scale print from your website logo in five minutes even when you don’t have access to the original vector file.

BiggerPicture app in the macOS desktop

Have you ever been in situations like:

  • Needing a poster print of your small business’ logo but realized that you only have a copy on your website and couldn’t find the original vector file.
  • After coming from the print shop you’ve realized that those framed photos you’ve taken from the 90s looks hazy.
  • There’s a nice photo you’ve find from a social media site and you would like to put it as a desktop wallpaper. Unfortunately your 4K iMac has too much pixels and the photo looks pixelated.

If those circumstances seems familiar, you would need BiggerPicture.

BiggerPicture uses artificial intelligence to increase the resolution of images with high-quality results. Unlike many graphic packages that uses bicubic interpolation or Lanzcos resampling, BiggerPicture can double or even octuple the resolution of your pictures and yet produce clear, sharp results.

BiggerPicture image enlargement comparison with

BiggerPicture image enlargement comparison with

Some features and benefits of BiggerPicture:

  • Enlarge images by 2×, 4×, or 8× and get crisp-looking results.
  • Automatic noise reduction to eliminate image compression artifacts often occurring in low-resolution JPEG files.
  • Batch processing to upscale a large number of images.
  • Process images in the macOS built-in Photos app without export/import hassles.

Some testimonials from our pre-release users…

  • “Now I can retinize my website without needing to hire an artist to re-do my graphics.”
  • “Unlike [a competitor], there is no monthly limit of how many images I can process.”
  • “Having an app in my computer instead of using a web service gives me peace of mind when processing some of my very personal vintage photo collection.”

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