Glitches can be a thing of beauty. – Veronica Belmont

Yes sometimes beautiful mistakes are made and it’ll be a shame if you need to rely on glitches to make beautiful things. This inspires the creation of the iPhone Cubism application so that you can have beautiful glitches wherever and whenever you want it. Additionally the Cubism app saves the original picture taken from the camera so that you can re-apply the effect many more times with differing results. In case you’re wondering what this is all about, some older iPhone units has a bug (in which some people call a feature) that sometimes slices up the pictures taken on the phone’s camera. This occurs very rarely and some people got it by shaking the phone vigorously while taking the picture. The bug-turned-feature sparks up a group of enthusiasts that formed the iPhone Cubism Flickr group which hosts pictures ran through this “filter”. As probably most of the bug have been fixed by Apple via hardware and firmware updates, this “feature” will eventually fade into the void. The iPhone Cubism app serves to preserve this feature and the movement that supports it. Furthermore the Cubism app also works on the iPod touch, applying the filter to photos in the photo library.

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