Instant Motivator FAQ

How do I share my posters? You can use the folder button in the work area to export your poster into your photo roll. From there the built-in Photos application may be used to e-mail pictures in your photo roll. Additionally there are some 3rd party applications that you can use to send photos in your photo roll to Flickr, Facebook, etc. The free ShoZu application is one of these.

How do I print from my iPhone? Just plug it in to a computer and print from there. You can even use a Windows computer. Even Windows computers that doesn’t have iTunes installed should recognize your iPhone or iPod touch as a digital camera and display your photo roll when you plug it in. From there you may import your photo and use that computer’s printer to print. Fortunately, a lot of photo printing service booths are actually Windows computers in a fancy ATM-like box — thus you can use this method to print from these printing booths.

I thought you’re a Mac person? Why do you even mention Windows? Well, guess what: Macs are PCs too since the beginning and now they can even run Windows. Personally I don’t think “PC” should be used to designate “Windows-based computers” – the acronym stands for “Personal Computer” and should be used to contrast against “Office Computer” (OC), thus PCs are meant for hobbies and play whereas OC is the computer you use for your day job – doesn’t really matter what operating system it runs.

Do you have any pictures or words that I can use as an inspiration? Simply look around you and search the Internet, you’ll find lots of inspiration. If you’re still stuck, try visiting some of these sites for inspiration:

There is this really cool feature I think you should put in the program. That’s great! Just contact us and describe the details.