Speech Timer for the iPhone and iPad

The most comprehensive public speaking timer for the iPhone, iPod touch, and iPad.

Keep time of your public speaking events with your iPhone or iPad (and of course iPod touch). With Speech Timer you can use your device as both a timer (stopwatch) and a red/green/yellow flag and relieves you from the hassle of keeping record of the speech times.

Speech Timer for iPad

Speech Timer is used by many public speaking instructors worldwide in speech classes, in-house training sessions, seminars, and in university lectures that teaches oral communications. You can also use Speech Timer to coach yourself and time your speeches and oration practices — especially those public speaking sessions devoid of PowerPoint or other slideshow tools. Use Speech Timer to pace your practice sessions to relieve your public speaking fears and get your point across!


Speech Timer excels for timing speaking sessions than the stopwatch built-in to your iOS devices touch thanks to the following functionalities:

  • Large colored time indicators.
  • Pre-defined and configurable speech timings.
  • Keeps a history of speech timings for multiple days.
  • Accelerometer support – use your device as a timer flag.
  • Maintains timekeeping during phone calls or when running other applications.
  • Exports speech log via e-mail in various formats.
  • Configurable alert sounds on time signals.
  • Display the timer and lights on the large screen.


  • For those who are performing the Timer’s role in chapter meetings – keep your thoughts on the speech and your eye on the stopwatch as this timer will sound/vibrate when the flag changes color.
  • For the Sergeant-at-arms – combine the function of the stopwatch and timer’s flags into one device thus there are less items to carry around and worry about.
  • For the Speaker of the day – now you don’t need to remember how long a particular kind of speech will need to take as the timer comes pre-configured with the most common speech types and you can add your own types.
  • For the chromatically challenged – Speech Timer has positional time signals in addition to color signals so that you won’t miss out even when you are colorblind.



  • Simple and effective (US iTunes App Store comment)
  • This is the best of the bunch so far (UK iTunes App Store comment)
  • Was clearly written by someone who understands [a Toastmaster’s] need (Paul Salvidge, UK App Store).
  • Much easier to use than a simple stop watch (Alemaster, UK App Store).

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