Speech Timer for macOS

Orchestrate your club meetings from your Mac. Speech Timer for macOS is designed to display a status board on the overhead projector to support your orators pace their speeches and help you produce a timer’s report at the end of each session. You can also use Speech Timer to practice your own speeches and orations – mainly those public appearance sessions devoid of any slideshow tools – and get your point across!

Speech Timer Projection


  • Status board – present the stopwatch, speech type, and orator name on an overhead projector or television via AirPlay mirroring.
  • Time signal – flash the status board to remind the orator.
  • Synchronize your speech types and timing history across all of your devices via iCloud.
  • Compatible for the chromatically challenged – positional time marks in addition to color changes.
  • Distribute the timer’s report to all participants via e-mail.
  • Save a copy of the timer’s report for use in Numbers or Excel.

Status Board Timing display full screen project

Present a full-screen status board on an overhead projector (or wirelessly via AirPlay Mirroring) and showcase your speakers to the audience. Display the current speech time, speech type and orator on the big screen for everyone to see.

“… was clearly written by someone who understands [a Toastmaster’s] need” – Paul Salvidge (UK App Store).

“… much easier to use than a simple stop watch” – Alemaster (UK App Store).

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