Scuttlebutt Press Information

Press Kit

Download Scuttlebutt’s Press Kit containing:

  • High-resolution application icon (1024 x 1024 px)
  • Feature sheet (three PDF pages including cover page)
  • Desktop screenshots (1440 x 900 px)
  • Windowed screenshots (various sizes)
  • Banners
  • Basil Salad company logo (print resolution)

Marketing Copy


The Yammer client for Mac lovers.

Short Copy

Scuttlebutt brings true Mac experience and saves you from the horrible experience of the Adobe Air client.

Medium Copy

Scuttlebutt is a Yammer client for entrepreneurs and self-employed consultants who need to work with multiple companies from their Mac.

Long Copy

Scuttlebutt is a full-service Yammer client that provides complete Mac OS X desktop integration and enables simultaneous access to multiple Yammer accounts. Scuttlebutt will be most beneficial for entrepreneurs running multiple companies or self-employed consultants who need to stay connected with several different Yammer networks.