Air Kill

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Soar among the clouds and make bird roast with your engines. You’re flying a large airliner and there are flocks of birds holding you back. Fortunately you have revolutionary new turbine engines that power your airplane: the Roast-A-Bird 3000 — these engines really can cook. But be careful of bird droppings, these will clog your roasters.. er.. engines and make them smell unpleasant.
AirKill is inspired by the historical Hudson river landing by Captain Chesley “Sully” Sullenberger. Go ahead, make your revenge to those who downed our comrade to the Hudson river!

  • “Just like road kill on the interstate highway but this one take place in the skies with a plane.” — anonymous user.
  • “Clean and good game.” — a guy at the office.
  • “Appetizing.” — another person at the office.
  • “Love the turkeys” — user comments

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