Fund Watch FAQ

I don’t have an iPhone – does it work on the iPod touch? Yes, provided that you have an Internet connection through Wi-Fi and have upgraded your iPod software to at least version 2.0. Refer to Apple’s support website for instructions on updating iPod and iPhone software.

How much data connection that is used? Minimally – just enough to update the fund names and prices. Additionally the prices are cached, so even if you often view your portfolio, data will only be requested after four hours. Since funds are typically priced daily, this frequency should be sufficient.

I’m just a poor student and cannot afford to buy Fund Watch. What should I do? There is a free Desktop Widget also by us named Fundsupermart Widget. It only works for Fundsupermart Singapore though. Fund Watch also source data from the Hong Kong and Malaysia branches of Fundsupermart, in addition to the Singapore branch.

I don’t have an iPhone nor iPod touch. Do you have a version for ? At the moment we only have a version for the iPhone and iPod touch. You can contact us and suggest additional mobile devices.

What is the difference between Fund Watch and the built-in Stocks application? The Stocks application obtains data primarily from Yahoo Finance which may be deliberately delayed. Whereas Fund Watch aims to source the data directly from the fund distributor’s website — since it is in the fund distributor’s interest to keep data in their website current.

Are you affiliated with Fundsupermart? No, we are not. We’re just regular investors who also happen to be developers. We use Fund Watch to monitor our investments and we think that the program may be useful for you too.

Why there are only three month historical fund prices for Fundsupermart? Because Fundsupermart only provides three month historical prices in their websites and they don’t allow 3rd parties (like us) to collect their data and mirror it.

I invest through XXXX can you add it? Yes, if they provide fund names and historical prices available through the public Internet (no login required). Contact us.