News Anchor for Mac OS X

Always be productive even during meal time by listening to your favorite blogs and news sites without getting food on your keyboard!

News Anchor on iMacHaving lunches on your computer to keep productive? Isn’t it annoying when that sandwich filling fell to the keyboard and make a big greasy mess between the keys? Does your feed reader needs a lot of your intervention to the point that you can’t feed yourself properly? Do you find yourself often need to reach the keyboard or trackpad to get to the next article?

That’s because most feed readers aren’t designed to be hands-free. They’re modeled after e-mail programs and substitutes news articles in place of e-mail messages. When you use these RSS programs, your keyboard will soon be filled with rotten bread crumbs and other bits of food that fell on it while you’re eating and simultaneously reading the news.

News Anchor helps you consume your news and your meals at the same time by presenting you with a television-style news presentation made out of your favorite RSS feeds. Unlike traditional readers that needs you to move between articles, with News Anchor you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your daily dose of informative content read aloud to you using the Mac’s beautiful text-to-speech voices. Say goodbye to greasy keyboard and hello to informative meal time and hands-free RSS reading.

With News Anchor, you’ll get:

  • Informative content brought by your favorite RSS channels read aloud to you.
  • Audio podcasts version of your news feeds for listening on-the-go on your iPod or other media players.
  • Easy import of your Google Reader feeds to kick-start your channel collection.

Why should you choose News Anchor?

  • You need to process a lot of information that are not covered by television or radio.
  • You value your time and need to be productive as much as possible.
  • You don’t have an assistant that can read your news sources for you.

What are you waiting for? Download News Anchor today!