Subscribing to new RSS or ATOM feeds

To add a new feed subscription, you can do one of these things:

  • Select Subscribe to Feed… option from the top menu bar.
  • Click on the Add Feed button in the toolbar.
  • Click on the [+] button in the feed list drawer.

Any of the options above will bring up the Add Feed Subscription assistant dialog that will guide you through the feed subscription process. This process consists of several steps:

  1. Enter feed address
  2. Select feed (optional step)
  3. Verify and modify feed information
  4. Assign feed to channels

Enter feed address

Please enter the news feed’s web address (URL) in the box provided. If the feed requires a login, you can type the user ID and password to access the feed in the fields below it (this is usually the case when it is a paid feed).

Select feed

This step is only needed when the address that you entered is a web page and does not point to an RSS or ATOM feed. News Anchor will try to see if there are any feeds linked to the page and let you choose which feed to pick.

Verify and modify feed information

In this step you can modify the feed title and description. By default these details are obtained from the feed itself.

Assign feed to channels

In this screen you can assign the feed you’ve just added into one or more channels. Optionally you can also create a new channel just for this feed only. You will need to assign a feed to a channel so that you can listen to the articles in the feed.