Feed Edit

Editing a feed brings up the Edit News Feed panel. You can change the feed’s name, description, and connection details.

  • Feed name – the title of the RSS feed for your reference. Additionally this name is also shown as the article source when a channel episode is being played.
  • Feed address – the web address (URL) of the feed. This needs to refer directly to the RSS or ATOM feed data.
  • User ID – the login identity needed to access the feed, leave this blank if the feed is open to the public.
  • Password – the login secret credential needed to access this feed if required.
  • Assigned Channels – which channels that are currently using this feed as a data source.
  • Available Channels – the channels that are not referencing this feed.

Drag a channel from the Available Channels box into the Assigned to Channels box to assign this feed into the channel or vice-versa. Alternatively you can highlight the channel and use the assignment arrow buttons to move channels between the two list boxes.  You can also change the minimum and maximum number of articles to take from the feed for each channel.   Note that when you assign a channel via this screen then it will be set as the last feed in the channel – if you want to change the order of the feed you can use the edit channel panel.