Taking the news with you

You can still listen to your news when you are not in front of your computer. You can use an iPhone, an iPod, or other digital music players to listen to the podcast version of your news channels.

You can have News Anchor create an audio podcast file of a channel episode whenever it refreshes the channel. Enable the Generate podcast checkbox in the channel settings as shown below.

If you are using an iPod, iPhone, or an iPod touch to listen to your podcasts, please also turn on the add to iTunes checkbox. This will add the podcast files into iTunes’ Podcasts lists so that you can synchronize them to your music player.

If you are using other music players, you can synchronize the podcast files using the software utility that comes with that player (or any other software of your choice). The podcast files will be stored under ~/Music/News Anchor folder (that is they will be stored in the News Anchor folder inside your personal Music folder). Each channel will have its own folder of podcast files under this folder. Click on Show in Finder to open the podcast files’ folder in the Finder.

Note that the podcasts uses the AAC (Advanced Audio Coding, also known as MP4) format with the .m4a extension and can only be played by devices that supports it.

For more information about the available options for a channel, please read Editing an existing channel.