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Face it: television news are mostly junk. Why? Mainstream media mainly show stuff that are popular or sensational – not actionable. Only you know what news you need and your Google Reader feeds provides just that. Problem is, Google Reader needs you to click on every item you want to read, making newsreading a clumsy and risky task while having breakfast. Bits of food will get stuck on your keyboard, feeding the germs and bacteria to grow on (and make you sick). Worse you’ll increase your risk of liquid damage to your laptop that will cost hundreds (if not thousands) of dollars to fix.

News Anchor helps you keep up-to-date on news that matters. Say goodbye to cleaning off bread crumbs from your keyboard and hello to hands-free RSS reading listening.

With News Anchor, you’ll get:

  • Fully-automatic news course delivered to your ears – fit for watching while having meals.
  • Easily import your Google Reader feeds.
  • Instant on-demand podcasts – take your reading list on-the-go and listen to it using any MP3 player.

Hate reading?

News Anchor is the alternative news reader when you prefer listening rather than reading.  Instead of displaying gobs and gobs of text like a list of never-ending e-mail (like what most newsreaders do), News Anchor allows you to rest your eyes and fingers while catching up with the news that matters to you.

Bored with mainstream television news?

News Anchor presents you with a personalized television-style news broadcast to suit your taste.  Unlike traditional news broadcasts, you can customize what news you want to hear based on your choice of RSS/ATOM feeds.  What about television podcasts?  Video podcasts can take a very long time to download if you don’t have lightning-fast Internet connection.  Fortunately News Anchor works on low-bandwidth connection or even when you are off-line so that you don’t have to experience “net lagging” while watching your favorite news shows.

Don’t want to gunk up your keyboard?

With News Anchor you can sit back, relax, and enjoy your news feeds along with your meal and take your hands off the keyboard (and thus keeping your keyboard squeaky-clean) due to its hands-free, one-click operation.  Just listen to Alex, the animated voice text news broadcaster, automatically presenting your feeds to keep you informed when starting your day.