Remote Control

Apple Remote

You can control News Anchor at a distance (for example watching your iMac from your couch) by using your Mac’s infrared remote. The remote behaves slightly differently when News Anchor is in the main screen (channel selection) and when it is playing your news cast.

Channel Selection View

When you are in the the main screen, your Mac’s remote can be used to select a channel and play it. The circular buttons function as if they were directional arrow keys and the play button plays the currently highlighted channel.

Apple Remote Button assignments in Studio View

Studio View

When a channel is currently playing, the remote works to control the playback. The forward/previous buttons function to change the article being read and the up/down buttons controls the speech volume. Pressing the play/pause button will pause or resume playback of the channel while holding it will activate (or exit from) full screen mode. Pressing the menu button stops playback and return you to the main screen.

Apple Remote Button assignments in Studio View

It Talks and Listens

You can control News Anchor by talking to your computer. Simply enable Speakable Items in System Preferences and News Anchor will respond to your voice commands. Please refer to the Speech Commands window to see what you can say to News Anchor.

Speech Commands available in News Anchor

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