Add Subscription

Subscribing to News Feeds

Subscribing to a news feed enables you to use the feed’s articles in your channel episodes.  News Anchor is able to read RSS or Atom News Feeds.

Click on the Subscribe button or choose Subscribe to Feed from the File menu in the top menu bar. This will show the Add Feed Subscription assistant shown below.

Enter RSS or ATOM feed address (URL) into News Anchor

Enter the RSS feed’s web address (use http or https URLs) in the Feed Address box. Optionally you can enter a User ID and a Password if the feed is password-protected (normally password-protected feeds are are for paid feed subscriptions). When you have entered the feed address, click on the Continue button.

Select the available RSS or ATOM feed linked to a web page

If you entered the address of a web page instead and the web page refers to more than one feed, News Anchor will ask you to choose which feed that you want to subscribe to. At the bottom of the list you can verify the feed’s URL and the description of the feed as provided by the website. Select a feed and then click on Next. This screen will not appear if you directly entered an RSS or Atom feed address.

Update the feed title or description as necessary

Optionally you can modify the RSS feed’s title and description for your reference. Click on Continue when you have completed your edits.

Assign the feed to one or more news channel or create an exclusive channel for the feed subscription

You can choose to assign the RSS feed into an existing channel.  This will add the feed at the end of new episodes of the channel – you can modify the channel afterwards to re-arrange the feed’s order if you need to. Furthermore you can also create a new channel that contains only this feed.  Click on Finish when you are done.

A channel defines what goes into every episode of the news cast.  Using the channel definition as a guide, News Anchor will automatically gather articles from RSS feeds and create news cast episodes for you to enjoy.

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