Open LinkedIn

LinkedIn-icon.jpgEasily access your contacts’ LinkedIn profile when you sync your iOS’ contacts with your LinkedIn connections.

Whenever you see “linkedin://” URLs in your address book, you’ll know how annoying it is to not be able to do anything with it. Until now – if you have Open LinkedIn installed, clicking on those pesky LinkedIn URLs will show your contact’s LinkedIn profiles!


Just follow these three simple steps to install Open LinkedIn

  1. Download Open LinkedIn from this link (free!).
  2. Extract the app and move it to your Mac’s Applications folder.
  3. Launch the app – it won’t show anything, but don’t worry! This step is to let your Mac knows that you’ve just installed an app to handle the LinkedIn’s proprietary URL.

Now whenever you see a linkedin://#profile/999999 URL in your Contacts app, just click it and your contact’s LinkedIn profile will be shown in your default web browser.