Download the News Anchor Press Kit

The News Anchor press kit contains:

  • a PDF feature sheet
  • a 512 x 512 pixel copy of the News Anchor icon
  • A full screen  1440 x 900 pixel screenshot
  • A 1280 x 800 “desktop” screenshot
  • a normal window screenshot
  • Basil Salad logo image files

News Anchor Marketing Copy

Tagline: Enjoy news feeds with your breakfast.

10 word copy:  The RSS reader that actually reads the news to you.

25 word copy: News Anchor is built to be a hands-free one-click RSS reader, allowing the auditory information enthusiasts to consume their feeds while having meals.

50 word copy: News Anchor is the auditory news reader, giving hands-free one-click access to information enthusiasts to catch up with their reading lists while simultaneously doing other tasks.  News Anchor utilizes text-to-speech technology to present a customizable television-like news broadcast automatically generated from RSS/ATOM feed articles.

100 word copy: News Anchor is an alternative RSS/ATOM feed reader targeted for auditory information enthusiasts. Instead of showing feeds like e-mail messages or uninspiring lists of articles, News Anchor applies text-to-speech technology to present a television-like news broadcast.  However unlike television, users may customize the broadcast by selecting which feeds that they subscribe to.  News Anchor is the perfect choice for catching up with feeds while having meals or performing other tasks due to its one-click hands-free operation.

News Anchor Features & Benefits List

  • Sources data from RSS or ATOM news feeds.
  • Create your own podcasts from RSS or ATOM news feeds.
  • One-click, hands-free operation.  News Anchor relieves you from needing to use the mouse or keyboard to get to the next article in your reading list.
  • Supports password protected feeds (HTTP basic authentication).  This enables News Anchor to access subscription-based (paid) news feeds.
  • Generate news channels automatically based on the feeds of your choice.
  • Universal binary, works for both PowerPC and Intel based Macintosh systems.
  • Multi-core and 64-bit ready.  News Anchor makes optimal use of multi-processor applications and runs as a 64-bit application when run under Snow Leopard with a 64-bit capable processor