Time Fairy

Reactive time tracking

Do you find time tracking eats up your time and concentration? Are you often distracted? You don’t want to wait for web-based time tracking application to load just for you to enter your activity? You don’t want to keep entering time spent? Do you need to get reminded when you get distracted for too long?

  • When you need to track your time and you find proactively jotting and allocating time difficult, then you’ll need Time Fairy.
  • 100% off-line application for the Mac. You can work even when you don’t have any Internet connection.
  • Quietly monitor your time spent in various projects and applications doing all kind of activities on your Mac.
  • Gently reminds you if your Facebook distractions have been taking too long.
  • Synchronizes with your To-Do list to help you allocate time spent doing various tasks.

Time Fairy is inspired by David Seah’s Emergent Time Tracker series. Sign up now to get notified when we’re ready to launch.