Go Edit

The markdown note-taker that loves images.

Go Edit Rich TextUse Go Edit to quickly create markdown notes complete with embedded images. Easily switch between the markdown editor and rich text HTML editor for the immediate task at hand.

Features and benefits of Go Edit:

  • Edit in markdown or rich text HTML.
  • Embed pictures into HTML or markdown documents.
  • Export documents as single-file HTML with inline images.
  • Share documents with other applications supporting the Textbundle and Textpack documents.
  • Edit images in other applications supporting iOS action extensions.

Go Edit is great for:

  • Creating blog drafts which includes photos or other images.
  • Writing rich text notes with photos and send them intact to others who may not have a word procesing application installed.
  • Making quick edits to HTML, markdown, or Textbundle/Textpack documents.
  • Jotting rich text notes in Markdown and not getting dragged by formatting complexities – yet add images from the photo roll.

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