• Marcus

    I have tried this and i get this message “The network backup disk does not support the required AFP features.” so im not sure what i am doing wrong

  • Alex

    that is all great except for mounting.

    I have a NTFS share on the network (\mypcM)

    I copied HFS myPro.sparsebundle to that share.

    I figured out how to mount the share:

    mkdir /Volumes/M
    mount_smbfs //user@mypc/M /Volumes/M

    How do I mount myPro.sparsebundle that is sitting on that M share?

    I need it to be mounted and appear in Finder in order to issue the following command:
    tmutil setdestination

    I used to have it all in one script on SnowLeopard that does not work anymore in MountainLion.

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