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BiggerPicture 1.3.0 Release Notes

BiggerPicture fully supports Apple Silicon and macOS 11 “Big Sur”.

BiggerPicture 1.1.9 Release Notes

BiggerPicture 1.1.9 uses the GPU when running image enlargement when it is running as the foreground application. But it would switch to CPU-only when switched to the background to ensure overall system performance.


How to Print a Poster?

Printing poster images requires a 19 megapixel source to get a good quality output. However even the iPhone’s camera can only produce 12 megapixels. What if you can get quality poster prints from any source?

BiggerPicture 1.1.8 Release Notes

BiggerPicture 1.1.8 addresses a number of crashes, improves reliability during restoration, and fixes compatibility problem with HEIC files under macOS Catalina


How to Increase the Resolution of a Picture Without Getting a Rough Look?

When you enlarge a drawing it tend to result in a “rough look” since pixels are copied over to their respective neighbors during the enlargement process. The resulting image essentially has the same number of pixels, only “larger pixels” since all pixels are replicated horizontally and vertically. Wouldn’t it be great if you can increase […]


How can I increase the resolution of a JPEG photo?

The best way to make a 240p photo into 360p or better and still get good-looking results. This is not your usual upscaling routine.

Comparison between Preview and BiggerPicture

BiggerPicture 1.1.7 Release Notes

This release fixes an issue on small upscaling operations. BiggerPicture increases image resolution without getting a pixelated result.


How to Print Beach Banners from iPhone Snapshots

Printing 8-foot banners is a challenge if you don’t have a good camera that can capture 38 megapixels or better. Upscaling it from software won’t create a good result – the image would look blocky or blurry, and would likely turn off your audience at the beach. Follow these steps to create images for bigger-than-life […]

Bigger Picture Italian

BiggerPicture 1.1.6 Release Notes

Version 1.1.6 of BiggerPicture addresses a number of crashes as well as including security enhancements and prepares it for an upcoming release of macOS.

This release improves overall stability of the application

BiggerPicture 1.1.5 Release Notes

This release improves overall stability of the application