BiggerPicture 1.1.8 Release Notes

This maintenance release of BiggerPicture improves stability, performance, as well as fixes a compatibility issue with macOS Catalina.

Now you should no longer see stuttering in the user interface when BiggerPicture is rendering output. The application is now less aggressive in consuming CPU power and thus more is available for handling the graphical interface.

A number of crash cases reported through the crash logs has been addressed. Thank you for those reports, and if you encounter a crash, please send the crash log so that it can be addressed.

Likewise reliability during app restoration has been improved. BiggerPicture would reliably re-open previously open images as long as they are still accessible. Note that you would need to disable the Close windows when quitting an app checkbox in System Preferences to enable app restoration behavior.

Furthermore this release adds workaround to the vertical-banding problem when reading HEIC files under macOS Catalina. When open these high-efficiency formats (likely imported from more recent iOS devices) using BiggerPicture, they no longer came out having vertical bands in the rendered output.

BiggerPicture uses artificial intelligence to create higher-resolution versions of photographs or scanned line-art images up to 8× of the original pixel width and height. You can use BiggerPicture to create high-quality prints from screenshots or simply to upgrade your web graphics to fit today’s retina displays. BiggerPicture 1.1.8 requires macOS 10.13 “High Sierra” or later releases. BiggerPicture is available exclusively on the Mac App Store.


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