BiggerPicture 1.1.5 Release Notes

BiggerPicture 1.1.5 is all about improving the application’s stability.  There were a number of cases where the app crashes due to a logic issue and this has been fixed. Thank you for sending in those crash logs!

We apologize for any inconvenience.  However, if the app does crash, please allow the app to send the crash log.  On next launch just after a crash, the app might ask for your permission to send crash logs — if you haven’t granted the permission earlier. Please enable this and allow the app to automatically send crash information so that it would help us in diagnosing your issue and prevent the app from crashing again.

Comparison between Preview and BiggerPicture

BiggerPicture is a macOS application that helps you prepare photographs and other imageries for high-quality large format printing. The app uses artificial intelligence to enhance images and create larger version of the image by filling the gaps between pixels through machine hallucination. Unlike most standard picture enlargement algorithms, the resulting image would not be blurry nor blocky — but sharper than the original.


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