How can I increase the resolution of a JPEG photo?

Any way to increase photo resolution?
Like any way to make a photo that looks 240p into 360p etc

The easiest way to increase a JPEG photo without causing pixelation is by using Bigger Picture. The app enhances your photographs using artificial intelligence up to 8× and still get a good looking picture.

Increase JPEG Resolution

Follow these steps to enhance a JPEG photo using Bigger Picture:

  1. Open the Bigger Picture app.
  2. From the File menu choose Open Image....
  3. Select the photo file.
  4. In the Target Size panel, select the Pixels tab.
  5. Enter the desired pixel width or height of the resulting enhanced image.
  6. In the Style selector, choose Photo.
  7. In the File menu chose Save... to save the resulting image.
  8. Wait until processing is completed.

Enjoy your bigger picture ^_^


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