BiggerPicture 1.1.6 Release Notes

BiggerPicture 1.1.6 fixes a number of crashes, security enhancements, and prepares the program for a future release of macOS.

Bigger Picture Italian

This release fixes a crash encountered whenever there is an error discovered while enhancing images.

Furthermore the release updates a number of libraries and updates the underlying programming language version. This should make the app better prepared for an upcoming release of macOS to be announced in the middle of this year.

We apologize if you were affected by that crash and thank you for sending in those crash reports.

BiggerPicture prepares photographs and graphics files for high-quality large format printing. The app prevents blurry images caused by low-resolution originals by using machine learning to enhance images and synthesize additional pixels to create sharp printouts for life-sized high-DPI finishes.


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