Resonate Update – Episode Two

This update shows Resonate’s tweet projection feature. When the iPad’s video-out cable is connected (in other words, VGA or HDMI output), it will display a special screen just for projecting tweets and separate from what the operator see on the iPad’s built-in display. The external display shows either the main timeline or a timeline of a Twitter list, a saved search, or a custom (ad-hoc) search. In addition you can set a heading and subheading to show at the top of the projector’s screen.

The feature was inspired by Monica Rankin’s Twitter Experiment in the University of Texas at Dallas. She found that projecting a Twitter hashtag search result on-screen and letting students tweet that hashtag improves student’s engagement in the discussion. This helped her facilitate a healthy weekly class discussion of a relatively large class (about 90 students).

The following text is the transcript of the video.

Hi, I’m Sasmito and you will see a second preview of Resonate, our new Twitter client for educators.

In this preview you can see how Resonate can help you bring out the backchannel by projecting tweets on an overhead projector.

The idea of projecting tweets to assist class discussion was pioneered by Monica Rankin of University of Texas at Dallas. She found that by encouraging students to tweet about the topic being discussed and displaying them on-screen for everyone to see makes students more engaged and makes the discussion more lively, especially in a large class.

Resonate has a special tweet projection mode that allows you to display a twitter timeline or search result on a large screen. Let’s see how to do this.

➠(show projection screen)

Imagine that this window is your overhead projection. When you connect your iPad to an LCD projector or a television using the appropriate cable, Resonate will display this content on your overhead screen or TV.

➠(switch to iPad)

Now, this is what you will see on your iPad’s screen. From here, you can setup what the projector will show. You can write the headline text and subtitle text to set the overall topic of the discussion.

I’m changing the headings now and you can see that the projection is updated immediately.

You can show any one of your timelines or saved searches. In addition, you can also display a search result in your projection. You can search for a hashtag and let your students tweet the hashtag to get their messages on the screen.

Let’s say that I want the class to discuss about #edchat – I’ll enter the hashtag and let’s see what tweets comes out.

The projection screen is updated real-time, so you don’t need to keep manually refreshing it to display the latest tweets.

You have just seen Resonate’s tweet projection feature. Projecting tweets is pretty handy to augment class discussion when the class has many students.

Resonate is currently in development. If you want to be the first to know when Resonate is ready, just go to and enter your e-mail address. Also if you want to be a beta tester and get a free copy, just go to and remember to tick the beta tester box when you register.

Resonate, the twitter app for educators. Find out more in

Thanks for watching. Until next time.


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