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A trip to Samsung’s Service Center

Samsung Singapore’s repair center has excellent service – if your device is still in warranty. But apparently either Samsung (or Google) overlook an important aspect in their software ecosystem that can cause you to lose data. Be sure to read our experience in getting our Android development device fixed.

Why Reconciling Your Bank Accounts is Painful

Do you use MoneyWell or other personal finance application and have a hard time in importing your data? We have a solution for you.

Fundsupermart notice to take down Fund Watch

Fund Watch received a takedown notice

We have just received notice from Ma Qian Cheng from iFast Financials to remove Fund Watch from the App Store. Because of this notice, we have no choice but to comply and remove Fund Watch from sale.

A review of two iPad Casings

Do you want to use your iPad while commuting? Here is a review of iPad cases that helps you for computing on-the-go.

Use Fund Watch for iPhone to Determine What Are The Best Moments to Invest in Asian Mutual Funds

You can use Fund Watch from your iPhone, iPod, or iPad to determine when is the best time to buy or sell mutual funds in Asia.

Fund Watch for iPhone now supports Fundsupermart India

Fund Watch is now able to display fund prices from Fundsupermart India, in addition to supporting existing Singapore, Malaysia, and Hong Kong sites.