Doing Chores While Reading Your Favorite Feeds

It seems there are never enough hours in the day to get the things done that you need to, especially when you are working from home. If you have children you will know that making certain time for getting your work done both in the house and of course to earn money does not always go to plan which is why now if you are a home-maker and work by writing blogs then you can read your RSS feeds and still do your chores by using News Anchor for Mac OS X.

Washing the dishesImagine if you could wash up or change a dirty diaper while still knowing about any updates made to sites you are viewing. This is now a possibility if you own a Mac OS X by downloading special software that actually reads out the updates while you get on with the things you need to freeing up your hands and saving you getting the Mac dirty.

You are in the driver’s seat when it comes to what you do and don’t want to hear about so no time is wasted and you don’t have to scan through pages of information as you would do if you were to read it manually.

Once you have made your choices they can be edited at any time giving you even more control over what you do and don’t want or need to hear about leaving you to make what you hear as versatile as needed as many times as you want to.

Another benefit to this is health wise as staring at a computer screen constantly is not good for your eyes so you can give them a break yet not waste a moment of your time taking on board the information you need to while having a well earned sit down or getting on with other things.

Just in the way you can record your favorite television programs or set up a play list for your music player you have all the power when you decide how you wish to hear the latest news. If you want it all in one go or many times a day, you have that option. Just as useful is the option of putting similar feeds onto the same channel.

The software allows you to use channels which make categorizing different subjects easier, within these channels you are able to set up episodes just like a television only you have the control over what they contain. It’s like having a filing system at your fingertips but without the clutter or need to manually read them.

If you have viewed an episode and wish to save it for future reference you can do so and to save space and clutter anything you know you won’t want once used will be deleted automatically saving you time to do other things.

The easy to follow drop and drag is the way you swap one feed or episode elsewhere allowing even those who are no computer whiz to get to grips with the application with ease and not having to refer to instruction for each task.

Why not use an Apple Remote to control your application. This gives you more freedom so you don’t have to be right next to the screen and allowing you to multi task with more ease than ever before. Should the door bell go or phone ring you can simply pause the feed and continue from where you left off with the greatest of ease leaving the control at your fingertips at all times.

For people who are currently using the Google Reader you can simply import the information you already have to your new reader so no need to start all over again making life even simpler.

For your listening and viewing preference not only can you choose how you wish the feeds to be displayed read out and the time between the notifications and recording, you can decide whether you want your reader to be male or female and even the speed at which you wish them to talk at. This is not all you can do; even the backgrounds can be altered to suit viewing preference along with the great option of installing your own custom voice or voices whether for a change or ease of listening.

With News Anchor for Mac OS X, working from your own home as never been so easy or as much fun as it now is. So many people are making their work an easier task and having more time for them to enjoy the rest of the day as they are now able to do more than one job at any given time.


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