News Anchor 2.0 – Enjoy News Feeds with your breakfast

Basil Salad Software has announced the availability of News Anchor 2.0 for Mac OS X – a new way to consume blogs and news sites. News Anchor is the hands-free RSS/ATOM feed reader, allowing you to enjoy news feeds along with your breakfast. News Anchor packages news feeds into a television-like news broadcast using text-to-speech technology. With its one-click hands-free operation, you can listen to your news feeds while having meals or doing other tasks.

News Anchor is particularly suitable for:

  • Market analysts and trend spotters
  • Internet researchers and online writers
  • Lawyers and other legal professionals

Features and Benefits of News Anchor:

  • Sources data from RSS or ATOM news feeds
  • Generate news channels automatically based on the feeds of your choice
  • Create custom podcasts based from your feed subscriptions
  • One-click, hands-free operation. News Anchor relieves you from needing to use the mouse or keyboard to get to the next article in your reading list
  • Apple Remote support – control playback with your Mac’s infrared remote
  • Supports password protected feeds (HTTP basic authentication). This enables News Anchor to access subscription-based (paid) news feeds
  • Multi-core and 64-bit ready. News Anchor makes optimal use of multi-processor machines and runs as a 64-bit application when run under Snow Leopard with a 64-bit capable processor

Advantages of News Anchor over the competition:

  • Off-line operation – News Anchor caches the news feeds data and can be used while disconnected from the Internet.
  • Instant-on and always ready – News Anchor can update its data in the background even while it is not running, therefore you can always enjoy the latest news immediately on launching the application.
  • Take it anywhere – News Anchor can create podcasts of news feeds that you can play in any digital music player (any player that can play MP4/AAC format such as the iPod).
  • Streamlined playback – enjoy the latest news with only a single click.

System Requirements

  • Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6.6 and up)
  • Internet connection
  • Speakers or headphones


News Anchor will be available to download from the Mac App Store when it launches, which is scheduled at 6 January 2011. We are offering all members of the media a free copy of News Anchor for review purposes. Please contact us to get a review pack. Further information can also be found online in the Basil Salad Software Pressroom.


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