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Are you tired of having to repeat yourself over and over in order to get your message across to native English speakers. You know the language well, but clear communication is difficult because of your native accent. Worry no more, Mac has developed a program just for you which will effortlessly solve your communication problems.

News Anchor for Mac OS X is a text to speech program which flawlessly converts input text to clear, easy to understand speech. News anchor converts text to RSS feeds which are then presented through the program like a television news show. You can now get your message across clearly and quickly through the help of Alex, the text to speech voice that sounds very natural and speaks the English language of a university-educated American male. Never again will your friends have to ask you to repeat important messages. You can also develop your own clear native English accent by inserting RSS feeds and listening to them to improve your own understanding of the language.

For Mac OS X users, this program provides an easy way to communicate. There are many benefits to using News Anchor for Mac OS X. This program allows the user to source data from RSS or ATOM feeds. The News Anchor for Mac OS X also allows the user to automatically generate new channels based on his favorite feeds. This program will allow the user to create custom pod casts which can be saved and played over and over again. Do you have an important message that you need to get across? Input your message through text, and listen to it until you can get it exactly right. If you regularly record messages for clients, and are worried that your messages aren’t being clearly communicated, let Alex help you clearly and effectively communicate your message. The News Anchor for Mac OS X is also an excellent program for University Students in speech class. Impress your speech teacher and your native English speaking friends by inputting your speech into this program and practicing it in a native English accent. With the help of this program, you can quickly and easily improve your own speaking skills.

News Anchor for Mac OS X also allows you to listen to news feeds via the internet. Stream your favorite text news feeds, and listen instead of reading all of those articles. Also, with its convenient hands free option, News Anchor for Mac OS X allows you to listen to several different articles in a row without have to click each one. With the help of an infrared remote, you can easily control playback with Apple remote support. This program is fast and effective with 64 bit ready application. This program makes the best use of 64 bit processing, when run through the snow leopard platform.

There are many advantages to using News Anchor for Mac OS X over similar programs. One advantage is its ability to run offline. All of your important information can be saved into the program and used when you are not connected to the internet. Another great advantage this program carries over other programs is the fact that data put into News Anchor for Mac OS X can be stored and taken anywhere. News Anchor can create podcasts of your information that can then be stored and played from any digital music player such as the iPod, Mp3 or mp4 formats and ACC. With streamlined playback, you can enjoy your latest saved podcasts with just the click of a button.

News Anchor for Mac OS X was released January 6, 2011 and is available for download from the Mac Application store. In order to run this program, you must have Mac OS X Snow Leopard 10.6.6 or higher. To run RSS feeds online, an internet connection is necessary, and speakers or headphones are also required to hear the audio feeds.

News Anchor for Mac OS X shows RSS feeds in a virtual television news format complete with a news anchor that “reads” the text feeds. Its easy hands off approach will allow the user to enjoy several “articles” at one time without have to push buttons or use the scroll feature. You can listen to important messages and news articles while enjoying breakfast or doing one of the many other things required in a busy day. No longer do you have to strain your eyes to read each individual word of a news article. Allow Alex to read it for you, and give you an update through the Audio feed. In order to give you just what you want, News Anchor for Mac OS X allows you to pick and choose exactly what articles you want read. This will allow you to save time by eliminating the things that don’t interest you. Impress your potential business clients by sending them interactive messages through News Anchor. Make sure you keep your clients up to date with the important “news” and let your message be communicated clearly and effectively. In today’s global economy, it is inevitable that we are going to run into someone who will have a hard time understanding us. The News Anchor for Mac OS X will save valuable time by eliminating the need to repeat important messages over and over. Get started today by downloading the News Anchor for Mac OS X from the Mac APP store, and be on your way to clearer communication.


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