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While trying to get pregnant, and after failing several times. I decided to search for an app to help me track my woman’s cycle. I found WomenLog Pro Calendar to be useful. Of course it can also be used if you want to delay your pregnancy. Right now, I am 5 months pregnant, with a cute baby boy. I hope I can help other people.

I found the manually tracking the calendar to know when is my fertility time is not for me. I am a busy woman, I don’t have time to diligently do that. Trying to manually track my biological signs is also hard. So I devised a little help from technology.

I used an app, WomenLog Pro Calendar, to help me track my biological changes. I like the predictive feature it has. It will try to predict my fertile and non fertile days. But at the same time, it gives me the ability to manually correct the days. I used the fertility test sticks to detect when is my most fertile days. Most women are have their fertile days change a bit each month. This is nature, and whenever the calendar is not correct, I can correct it.

Below is a screen shot of the calendar. As you can see it will mark my menstruation period in red, my predictive menstruation period in red strips, and my fertile days as with the flower petals. Remember it only predicts, so I suggest to also use the fertility sticks. But it helps you to prepare your schedule.

Screen Shot 2013 06 11 at 10 16 33 PM

I scheduled my intercourse with this, on the second month trying, I got pregnant.

But once you are pregnant, this application comes short on tracking your pregnancy. I wished they would just add the features, perhaps as an add in feature. But no, they have to sell another application WomenLog Pregnancy Pro. Unfortunately, based on the features it has, I do not found the application very useful. I found my ob gyn doctor to be a better tracker of my pregnancy.

Hope it helps :).

Aireen Deviani


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