Improving English lessons with News Anchor

The profession of teaching naturally has the potential to greatly enrich the lives of many individuals. Of course, certain concepts and objectives will be fairly easily understood by most students, sometimes, however, a more creative approach may be required. Incorporating audio and especially visual aides into a teaching program can be an effective way of suitably enhancing a student’s potential in processing subject information. There are numerous examples out there, of course, but this article will specifically address how an English teacher can improve his/her students learning by using News Anchor for Mac OS X in the classroom.

In fact, evidence from research has firmly established the importance, even indeed the indispensability, of using visual aids for the purpose of teaching and certainly teaching languages is no exception.

In reality, of course, every individual’s visual senses are literally bombarded these days, be it by posters or newspapers, television or the cinema. This is essentially due to the understanding that the apparent dominance of the visual senses make this an effective area to target as far as getting a message across is concerned.

Teaching often requires a certain ‘bridging of the gap’ that undoubtedly exists between the various kinds of learners. It is well known that auditory learners tend to focus considerably more on the spoken word than the written one, this is why taped recordings of readings or even movies can be very effective. In addition computers with speech-recognition devices will also prove to be highly effective.

However, it is fairly widely held that most individuals are indeed better visual learners. Therefore it’s essential that teaching should aim to go beyond spoken words when educating students.

One new product on the market that will undoubtedly prove to be highly beneficial to the teaching profession is the so-called News Anchor. This product basically recreates an auditory news reader to present a virtual TV news broadcast which has the added advantage of being totally customizable.

Moreover, this technology allows for a hands-free one-click operation that will allow teachers to perform other tasks while the News Anchor continues with it’s performance. This is all achieved through the use of special text-to-speech technology which automatically generates the ‘broadcasts’ from RSS/ATOM feeds rather than simply dealing with the feeds as e-mails to be displayed visually.

News Anchor presents an individual with a personalized television-style news broadcast that is sure to cater for all tastes and is available through download. In addition the devise works on a special low-bandwidth connection which ensures no possibility of frustrating ‘net lagging’. As for our subject here, the virtual newsreaders have the essential factor of appearing to possess varied and well-modulated voices that are both clear and loud. Therefore, any individual who wants to learn more on how an English teacher can improve his/her students learning by using News Anchor for Mac OS X in the classroom, should definitely check it out.


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