Introducing the iPhone to Dad

A few moments ago, my father-in-law got interested in using the iPhone. He has been using his Nokia for years now, and he also has a Blackberry from his office. We realise the hardest part for him to migrate, is to import his data from his old phones. After a few trial and errors, we would like to share with you the steps we took in helping dad using his new iPhone.

The iPhone we gave to him was not actually new, its the iPhone 4 which my husband gave to him when he bought his own iPhone 5. But dad does not seem to mind.

1. Delete all your private data from your old iPhone
This step is very important. You can do it manually simply by going to the ‘Settings’ icon, then select ‘General’, scroll down to the bottom of the screen and tap ‘Reset’. Finally tap ‘Erase All Content and Settings’.

Iphone 20 settings reset

2. Cut his old SIM card
Cut his old SIM card using any commercial cutter available. We took the SIM card from his Nokia phone. Just to play it save, we also provided him with a SIM card adaptor, to enable him to use his Nokia phone if necessary. The SIM card adaptor will look like a plastic frame. Enabling the SIM card to be used in the Nokia phone.

411nhfKbVQL SL500 AA300


3. Provide an external keyboard
This is an option, not a must. But dad has such huge fingers, sometimes he finds it difficult to type in the screen keyboard which Apple provided. We would recommend using BoxWave Keyboard Buddy because of its seamless integration to the iPhone frame itself. It will make the phone slightly bulky. The good thing is, the external keyboard itself is detachable.

Boxwave keyboard buddy

4. Sync his address book, and files to the new iPhone
You will need two steps to do this. First, you will need to synchronise his Nokia phone using Nokia PC Suite. Second you will need a tool or app to synchronise the data to iPhone. For this purpose we choose to use iNoki. I know the price is a bit pricey, $ 29.99 for an app, but it is worthed, especially if you have years of large data. The app itself will migrate all phonebook, sms, calendar, photo, audio, videos data.

5. Install messaging apps for dad
He won’t have a clue on how to do it, trust me. Our choice of messaging apps are Whatsapp, and Gtalk. We also set iMessage and Facetime for dad to use.

6.Set his email accounts
Set all his email accounts to be accessible from the iPhone. Make sure you can do all the email functionality.

7. Install him a few games
Every dad needs to play once in a while. Our dad just love the Asphalt 7 game which we installed for him.

Aireen Deviani


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