Fund Watch for Android

Today I am announcing what have been my work for several months, which is making the Fund Watch application for Android devices. Why would you say? Its not that we’re slowly abandoning the iPhone. We’ve been monitoring the market share of Android devices is growing, and it’s high time I guess for us to release our applications to the Android users as well.

The Fund Watch app for Android will basically have the same functionalities as the iPhone/iPad version as described in this link but due to Android’s different UI and framework design you will see the interface is slightly different. Don’t worry, all the good stuffs are there :).

Right now I am still in the stage of familiarizing myself with the Android framework. The application will be written for Android 2.2 and Android 2.3. I think I will make one for Android 3.0 when the market share is bigger. What do you think?


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