Go Edit 1.1.3 for iOS Release Notes

This release of Go Edit for iOS focuses on stability improvements and bug fixes while still maintaining compatibility with legacy iOS versions. These are the major changes in this release:

  • Added full dark mode support when running on iOS 13.0 and later.
  • Improves compatibility with .textpack format files – on import, export, as well as locally.
  • Improves performance on handling files stored on iCloud.
  • Fixes scrolling issues of the markdown editor when running in iOS 13.
  • Fixes opening files sent from AirDrop.

Go Edit is our markdown and rich text note taker. The application works natively with the standard TextBundle file format with the ability to create markdown and HTML files as well as conversion between the two.

Go Edit requires iOS 9.0 or later and supports the iPad, iPhone, and iPod touch.


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