Speech Timer 2.3 Supports Dark Mode

Speech Timer 2.3 for iOS and iPadOS adds dark mode support in iOS 13 as well as various usability enhancements.

When you enable dark mode (through Settings, then Display & Brightness), Speech Timer screens would follow the system’s dark color scheme. This would be useful in “conference theater” situations in which lighting focuses on the stage and generally dark elsewhere. Enabling dark mode when timing speaking sessions in such situations would prevent the device’s screens from lighting your face as well as being easier on your eyes.

Speech Timer in Dark Mode on iPad

This release also provides better support for iOS 13’s page sheets. On the iPad, speech type configuration as well as other ancillary options are displayed as modal dialogs. Now in iPadOS 13, these sheets can be dismissed by pulling it down – should there isn’t any uncommitted changes. This pull down gesture is functionally equivalent as canceling the dialog.

Support for large text sizes has also been improved. When you select Larger Text (via Settings, Accessibility, then Display & Text Size), Speech Timer’s controls would also increase in size should the text size you’ve selected exceeds the space normally allocated for them. This should help when you find it hard to read the default text sizes, as well as to see the controls when the device is placed further away.

Speech Timer large text iPhone

Speech Timer is our application to monitor speech durations in Toastmasters sessions as well as assisting the orator to meet the minimum speaking duration and not exceeding the allowable speaking time. Speech Timer 2.3 requires iOS 9.3 or later.


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