Introducing Scuttlebutt: The Yammer Client for Mac Lovers

I’ve been working hard lately on Scuttlebutt and it’s gotten to a stage where it’s becoming decent working application. There are a few important features that aren’t yet working and thus keeping me from considering Scuttlebutt to be of “beta quality”. Special thanks goes to Nathan Haug and Toby Griffin for their valuable feedback to Scuttlebutt and for putting up with buggy alpha releases.

Scuttlebutt is a Yammer client made for Mac lovers. It’s our answer to Yammer’s contempt of their official desktop client made from Adobe’s AIR. Integration with the Mac desktop is our top priority for Scuttlebutt. Hence it’s a true desktop-grade Cocoa app that embraces multiple windows – not just some cross-platform app or a remake of an iOS app. Power user features are in the pipeline: menu bar item, services menu, notification center, etc – the whole enchilada.

At this time of writing, Scuttlebutt is about 70% feature complete and currently being circulated with a small group of Mac/Yammer enthusiasts who volunteered to be alpha testers. Here are some features that I consider complete in Scuttlebutt.

Message Lists

These are the various feeds that you normally see in the Yammer website:

  • My Feed – updates from people you follow in your network.
  • Private Messages – messages sent to you privately.
  • Received – replies to your updates.
  • Liked Messages – updates that you “liked”
  • Company Feed – all updates in your Yammer network.

Scuttlebutt Message List


Scuttlebutt can lists groups in your Yammer network and lets you view the group’s messages. You can also join or leave non-private groups within a click of a button as well as view group information, the owner of the group, as well as group information.

Group Info


The member list shows people in your Yammer network. From there you can get detailed information about a person and see her updates as well as the messages that she liked.

User List with Popover Conversation

Mini Browser

Scuttlebutt also has a mini web browser that you can use to peek through Yammer’s site that’s pretty handy for some features that Yammer hadn’t provided any programming interfaces for 3rd party applications like Scuttlebutt. One example is the Poll / Questionnaire – Yammer currently only allows polls to be answered from their website and the mini browser is handy for this. Why a mini browser and not just open it in Safari? Scuttlebutt can access more than one Yammer account at the same time and you can’t do this in Safari.

Poll Attachment

External Networks support

Scuttlebutt supports Yammer external networks (a.k.a. communities) as well as multiple Yammer accounts. Now you don’t need to log out and log back in if you have multiple Yammer accounts and need to switch between them.

External Network


You can quickly search for messages, files, members, topics, and even notes in your Yammer network without leaving Scuttlebutt.

Search Topics Display

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