Speech Timer 2.4 Release Notes

Speech Timer 2.4 is a free update to existing users, available in the App Store.

This release primarily focuses on iPadOS features such as:

  • Split view – run Speech Timer side-by side with another app.
  • Slide over – run Speech Timer in a small window on top of other applications.
  • Multiple timers – have more than one timing session running (iPad only).

In addition a few user interface tweaks and improvements were added:

  • The flag button is moved to the left-most side on iPad to prevent accidental pushes.
  • Updated tab bar icons to better comply with iOS’ human interface guidelines.
  • All timer displays now use monospaced system font for better .
  • Updated notification system.
  • New welcome screen and notification setup.

Speech Timer is our application designed for use in Toastmasters sessions. It keeps track of speech durations and ensures the speaker meets yet not exceeding the allotted speaking time. Speech Timer 2.4 requires iOS 9.3 or later.


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