Speech Timer for Yosemite

Ladies and Gentlemen,

Please allow us to present our latest iteration of Speech Timer. Speech Timer is our series of Toastmasters timekeeping software for Android, iOS, and OS X. This time we bring the refreshed look of Mac OS X 10.10 “Yosemite” into Speech Timer version 2.1 and brings complete Yosemite compatibility while still supporting Mavericks, the previous release of OS X.


We’ve also changed the “Flag” button into a clearer, more friendlier “Signal” button. This works in conjunction with the Timer Display window that you use alongside an overhead projection to show the current orator the time elapsed as well as signal him before he overtimes.

Speech Timer green signal

No animals were harmed in preparation of this release. However many bugs were squashed. Get Speech Timer now from the Mac App Store.


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