Status Update of Speech Timer 2 Development

00 Speech Timer 2 icon iOSLife has been pretty hectic for us this semester. From finding a flat, moving in and the baby – all has taken quite a distraction from the development of the next generation of Speech Timer. However I’m glad to say that there has been much progress on the app lately.

Here’s what we have right now:

  • A working iOS app and a Universal app too – works great for both the iPhone and iPad, and let’s not forget the iPod touch. The iOS Speech Timer has been redesigned to fit with iOS 7’s new style and is pretty much feature complete by now.
  • A working Mac app. Yes, a Mac app. There have been a number of requests for Speech Timer to work on the Mac, primarily for classroom use.
  • Video-Out support on iOS. Now you can make good use of that Lightning-to-VGA connector that you’ve just bought and use an overhead projector as your timer display.
  • Secondary monitor support on the Mac. The OS X version has a dedicated presentation-only window that you can use to present the timer to your audience.
  • Sync over iCloud. This was a hard one, but I believe I’ve got it working. Your speech type settings as well as your speech history are synchronized between your iOS devices and OS X computers over iCloud.
  • A new icon (yay!). At least for the iOS app that should fit nicely into iOS 7’s home screen.

Here’s what’s still in the works:

  • Bug fixes.. lots of them.. all those tiny details and loose ends need to be tighten up.
  • Manuals.. yes, need a better user manual, videos and all those documentation to help you make a better use of it.
  • iOS 7’s UI dynamics. Something to add zest to your role as a Toastmasters’ Timer or Sergeant-At-Arms.
  • Icon for OS X. iOS 7’s icons may be flat and skeuomorphism has been taken out of Mavericks, but OS X app icons are still in it’s 3D glory.

Here’s a teaser screen shot from the OS X version. Hopefully this gets you excited to use it as we’re excited in completing it.

01 speech timer desktop shot

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