Speaker Timer Mac App?

Speech Timer for Mac OS XWe’ve been getting Google and Bing searches looking for an OS X version of Speech Timer. I wonder why do people want a speaker’s timer on the Mac? Is it for connecting to an overhead projector for displaying time signals? Or perhaps it’s not for Toastmasters speeches after all, but for a presentation aid for the typical PowerPoint or Keynote presentations?

The 11″ MacBook Air is light and pretty portable – only slightly bigger than an iPad. However, an iPhone or iPod touch is even more practical to carry for timing speeches in Toastmasters presentations. Which intrigues me to inquire more why some people seem to want Speech Timer for Mac OS X.

Which comes to the question: Do you want to time speeches on your Mac? Please let us know why.

  • Is it for timing Toastmasters speeches? If not, what other kinds of speech do you time?
  • Do you want to display the speech information or the timer on an overhead display (like an LCD projector or a large plasma display)?
  • What problems are you having while timing speeches?

If a significant number of people wants a version of Speech Timer for OS X, we’ll definitely make one. Since it’s going to be a totally new app this is also your chance to vote on which features that you need in the app. You can contact any of us directly or simply add your comments below.


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  • Henk van den Bergen

    If you have a macbook air like me and you do not have timing lights, a program that lights up the whole screen to green,orange and red and makes a sound 30sec after the red light first comes on and be able to have that automated for differently time segments would be great. Especially if you are running speaking courses outside of Toastmasters.

  • basilsalad

    Have a look at Speech Timer for Mac – there’s a “status board” mode that lights up the whole screen when the board is shown in full screen.