Introducing Tweetascope: The Word Cloud Twitter Client

Do you know that only 36% of tweets are worth reading? Unfortunately Twitter doesn’t highlight these read-worthy tweets. Why? Likely because your 36% will likely be different from my 36%. That is, tweets that are interesting to you aren’t necessarily relevant for me. Then how to solve this problem?

We think that world clouds of your timeline is the key to discover those 36% compelling tweets among people that you follow in Twitter and safely ignore the other 64% noise. A word cloud lays out your entire timeline of hundreds of tweets into one screen that you can easily skim and find those hot topics among your friends.

Tweetascope IconIntroducing Tweetascope

Tweetascope helps you find compelling tweets and by extension make connections with noteworthy people. Simply use Tweetascope to follow this virtuous cycle that consists of three phases:

  1. Finding tweets with interesting topics
  2. Joining conversations on those topics
  3. Forge connections with like-minded people
 Tweetascope Virtuous Cycle

Phase 1: Finding interesting topics

Tweetascope is not your basic Twitter client. Instead of plainly listing tweets in your timeline, Tweetascope presents a word cloud view of tweets made by people you follow. Bigger words in the word cloud means there are more tweets containing that word. When you see these sizable words in the cloud, chances are likely that they are the hot topics that your peers are talking about.

Tweetascope ScreenShot A 540

Phase 2: Joining the conversations

When you spot an interesting word just tap on it to see all the tweets containing that word. Then tap on a tweet to reply or retweet that message. Replying or retweeting means that you’re joining the conversation with people who are also interested in those topics.

Tweetascope ScreenShot B 540

Phase 3: Making new connections

When you consistently interact with other people of similar interests, you’ll gain their rappor and trust. Pretty soon you can exchange e-mails, Skype calls, or meet them in person.

Where Tweetascope Came From

Tweetascope is really a much slimmed-down version of Resonate, our other Twitter client that has been in the oven for far too long. Instead of letting Resonate remain a vaporware while we build out its features, we’ve decided to release one of its primary features as a Tweetascope. This way you can have a taste of what’s coming and tell us if we’re building the right thing.

Tweetascope is coming very soon to the iPad app store – enter your e-mail address below if you like to be notified when it’s ready for you to download.




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