Why You Should Not Buy the New iPad

No iPadApple’s recent announcement of the new iPad probably got you drooling and itching to fetch your credit card and make a pre-order. However if there is still an inner conscience in you that’s saying otherwise, here are some more counter-points that you can say to yourself to keep you from buying the new iPad.

  • You have presbyopia.
    Seriously, the most significant upgrade to the new iPad is the retina display. But if your retina can’t even see the individual pixels on the original iPad or iPad 2, you can save some money by buying the iPad 2 instead, which are already discounted to make room for the new iPad.
  • You don’t take pictures with your iPad.
    The reason that phone cameras became popular was that it is always available with you – since you’re likely to carry your mobile phone with you at all times. If you don’t plan to hang your iPad on your shoulders most of the time, chances are it won’t be handy when you have those kodak moments. Certainly the new iPad’s 5 megapixel camera would see much less opportunity to capture your life.
  • Your cell carrier operator’s download speed is nowhere near 7.2Mbps.
    If your effective Internet speed haven’t saturate the theoretical limits of its underlying cellular technology, then it is pointless to upgrade. The limit of 3G data is about either 7.2Mbps or 14.4Mbps, depending on your device.  If your network operator’s download speed is significantly below the lower of those numbers, upgrading to 4G/LTE will not bring you any improvement – which wastes the new iPad’s cellular capabilities. You can easily test your current connection speed by using SpeedTest.net.
  • You’ve just bought an iPad 2
    Even the original iPad still has enough processing power to run most iPad applications today. If you’ve just bought an iPad 2 and it’s still haven’t expired its warranty yet, there is no strong reason to ditch it and get a new one. For iOS devices, you’d probably be better off skipping at least two generations before you buy a new one. This way the upgrades are more significant and worth it – think of the difference between the original iPhone and the iPhone 4, for example.
  • You’ve just bought an 11″ MacBook Air
    The MacBook Air 11″ is a lot more powerful than any iPad announced to date but isn’t much bigger nor heavier. You’ll get multitasking, multi-touch, and more featured applications on the Mac. The only drawback is the shorter battery life when compared to an iPad – but you can easily remedy that with an external battery (and airline adapter).
  • There isn’t any 128GB iPad yet.
    Having a retina display iPad is a shame if you don’t also watch HD videos on it. But HD-encoded videos will be about four times as big than their non-HD counterparts. That also means that you won’t be able to fit the same number of HD videos on the new iPad as when you pack regular-fidelity videos on the older iPad models. Moreover, applications are going to get a lot bigger to support the iPad’s retina display – especially universal applications. Just imagine: each button, glyphs, and other interface elements will need to be in four different sizes for iPhone 3G(s), iPhone 4(s), iPad (old) and iPad (new). Imagine how much that will impact your storage space.
Then again those suggestions matters most you don’t already have an iPad – or a tablet computer for that matter. If you’re currently tablet-deprived, now is the best time to get the new iPad or even the deep-discounted iPad 2.



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