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Apple Hot News 30-Jan-2012

News Anchor Tessa reads out Apple Hot News episode 30 January 2012


Indonesia supportive for entrepreneurs? Yeah, right.

Recently the BBC wrote that Indonesia is a good country for entrepreneurs. As an Indonesian, I found the article hard to believe, primarily from the viewpoint of a technology entrepreneur. (more…)

News Anchor coverage by Tim Brown

An episode of My Apple Podcast covering News Anchor. Special thanks to Tim Brown for volunteering to cover News Anchor on his video podcast. Check out his other episodes on My Apple Podcast.

Eli Pariser: Beware online “filter bubbles”

Adaptive algorithms created to personalize web experiences may have the downside of creating “filter bubbles” that limits one’s world-view.

Basil Salad press e-mail

News Anchor 1.0 Release

Basil Salad Software today announced the immediate availability of News Anchor 1.0 – a stunning fusion between traditional media and web 2.0 technologies. News Anchor Information News Anchor is an alternative RSS/ATOM feed reader targeted for the auditory group of Mac OS X users. Instead of treating feeds like e-mail and display them visually, News […]